Barony Workshops


Workshop And Seminars - Recent Subjects:

Every year we present a series of popular seminars on topics that are relevant and forward looking, providing delegates with the latest ideas and advances in service delivery. Recent subjects were:

      • Procuring Public Services
      • Understanding Commissioning and Contracting
      • Localisation of Personalisation
      • Determining Personalised Budgets
      • Self Directed Care
      • Outcome Based Specification Writing
      • Business Process Re-engineering
      • Liberating Commissioning
      • Bidding to Win
      • Mobilising the Third Sector and Civil Society.

Current popular workshops include Commercialisation in the Public Sector, where work closely with Local Government organisations. In the challenging period ahead the generation of independent sources of commercial income will be crucial for Public Sector entitles.

In the field of Revenues and Benefits, we have unique toolkits for modelling process, costs, effectiveness, quality and staffing levels called Revenue Mark and BenefitMark. Their introduction has demonstrated considerable added value in performance, customer satisfaction and costs.


Another significant development is the delivery of in-house workshops for those who wish to set up Mutuals/Co-Operatives and other entities to engage in commercial activities at Local Government level.

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