Barony Consulting Group Limited, is a dynamic independent consultancy which has been working with the public sector since 1993 in developing new and improved services. We provide a range of services and supports in pursuit of these objectives, including Cloud-based IT support, Data Analytics, Workshops, Training and Education. Barony’s roots can be traced back to 1993. Since then, it has achieved a reputation of thought leadership and undertakes a number of innovative projects for both Local Government and Central Government in the United Kingdom.

Since its foundation, Barony has provided consultancy services to over 200 public sector clients, as well as to the Private Sector, in a wide range of functions. These have been in the fields of Best Value, Procurement, Children’s Services, Revenues and Benefits, Procedures Review, eProcurement, DIP and Workflow implementation, Work-Life Balance, Staff and Tenant Surveys, Automation of Housing Benefit Processing, eGovernment and Cloud-based initiatives.

Barony draws on the experience of a wide range of professions to deliver key results for our clients. We put highly experienced staff who are all completers on each assignment. They all have demonstrable experience and skills in their specialist fields.


Barony has 8 full time staff and supplemented by 120 highly qualified associates. These staff have all held senior management positions in local and central government. Our associates include former CEOs, Finance Directors, and Senior Executives in Social Care, Education, Commissioning, CIPS, as well as Revenues and Benefits Heads from local government. We organise on a customer-focused team basis to deliver results for our clients.

Barony takes a pragmatic approach to managing operations in the public and private sector and recognises that a systems-approach also needs to allow for the political and legal constraints placed upon a public organisation. We also understand the need to complement and liaise with other initiatives that may be taking place simultaneously.

We aim to assist our clients achieve their objectives through innovative and tailored solutions. Barony has a reputation for working with clients and staff to adapt systems and thinking rather than impose change. We achieve skills transfer by working alongside staff and developing solutions in teams or through facilitation sessions.

Barony Capability & Capacity

  • Very Experienced Consultants from Public, Private and Non-Profit sectors
  • All are objective, pragmatic and analytic, – and all chosen for their sincere desire to seek and implement improvements in public services.
  • Procurement Specialists
  • Leadership and Management of Change
  • Commissioning – - founded the Institute of Commissioning professionals (IoCP)
  • Social Care Transformation
  • Administrative systems review
  • Organisational Review
  • Team Building
  • Financial Control systems
  • Business Process Redesign
  • Lean/Whole System Analysis
  • Change management of:
    • Culture
    • Organisation structure, composition, and skills
    • Process
    • Information – handling, storage, access, classification, and manuals
    • Workflow
    • Facilities – IT and User interfaces